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Well, a couple of days ago I went riding for the first time this season. It was a small 11 mile ride where I averaged around 17mph. Mid-season last year it was 35+ miles at an average rate of 18mph. I’m hoping to hit 50+ miles this year, a hard 50+ miles.

I’m thinking of building a little bike log into this site to keep track of my mileage and average speeds. It’s something I’ve wanted to do… but haven’t gotten around to it. As usual.

Which brings me to the site management system I wanted to build. But barely started on it.


Bring on Spring

With the weather so nice my thoughts are turning to cycling. And just finishing the autobiography of Lance Armstrong didn’t hurt either.

Something I just realized: The riders in “The Tour” ride more miles in one month, than I ride in two years! ugh.

A Month of No Aikido

Well, since hurting my toe I have been staying away from Aikido. It has now been over a month. Tomorrow I will be back at it. I hope it goes well.

No Time to Post Anything

I just haven’t had the time to post anything new to this log. Let me think…

Oh yeah.

I recently purchased a sweet little Dell notebook: Latitude CPi D300XT, Pentium 2 300MHz - 128MB RAM - 6GB HD - 13.3" screen running 1024x768 @ 16bit color. Not to shabby for $200.00!

Oh and I think the weather lastnight was the worst I have ever had to drive through. To Grand Haven and back in 3 hours. Right through the thick of it. Phew.

Always More to Learn

I’m diving into the world of Flash. Particularly Flash’s XML capabilities and it’s new UI Components.

I did some reading about the future of the Web and Web Applications. And I kept reading about how HTML is simply not powerful enough, and constant server-side program calling is too expensive. It makes sense, we need something slick and streamlined. Something that can work with the server and keep the client-side interface snappy and responsive.

Flash seems to be a popular, and possibly valid solution.

I’m attempting to build my site management system using Flash. I know this doesn’t fit into my original concept of only using open source technology, but, upon seeing Flash’s capabilities I’ve decided to break my design rule.

I’ll post a small demo in a little bit.

Weblogging for the Masses

Lately, I have been working hard on a weblogging management system that I’m thinking of distributing as Freeware. I’ve built it entirely in XML/XSL and can be installed in two flavors - ASP and PHP. Since I’m using XML for the data source the end user doesn’t need to know how to set-up a database or be bound to any particular server environment. The only thing the server will need is the ability to serve PHP or ASP pages and have the ability to transform XML with XSL server-side (Microsoft’s servers have this ability pre-installed).

Check this site for updates.

The Ice Age


ugh. This cold just cuts through you.

My Little Toe

My toe is doing much better already.

Which makes me think:

1) That all I did was dislocate or severely twist it, which made the toe suffer some trauma, but nothing serious.


2) I have some Bad Ass T-cells that opened a big ole can of whoop-ass on the fracture!

I prefer Number 2.

Hello Old Friend

It is official, I am no longer a cable Internet user. Bye AT&T Broadband Cable (Bastards), hello Dial-up. It has been awhile since I’ve used dial-up, boy is it….. fast. HA! Oh well, it’s 1/5th the cost of cable. And for that, it is sweetness.

Kill Bill

Now this looks interesting! Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino’s latest kung fu action flick, looks like a cool blend between Japanese Samurai sword play and “old school” kung fu action.

Like Musashi Miyamoto vs. Jet Li Good fun.