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The First Road Ride

I’m happy to say I went for my first road cycling ride in almost 2 years! Some stats:

  1. Elaped time: 50:13
  2. Distance: 14.19 Miles
  3. AVG speed: 16.9 MPH
  4. MAX speed: 23.2 MPH

Was I disappointed it was only 14 miles? Yes.

Was it a difficult ride? Yes.

Did I enjoy every minute of it? You bet!

Back a few years ago a normal ride was 30+ miles, so this was a bit of a let down as far as mileage goes. But, all-in-all it was fun just to get on the ole bike and mash some pedals.


Joel hits it right on the head with this. That is exactly what I don’t like about blogs and forums… that right there.

Back in the Day...

I loved this stuff.

Even tried my hand at that design style… sorry I don’t want to spend the time digging any up. Maybe later.


  1. Ran 1.5 miles on Sunday
  2. Set up my old PC (circa. 2001) with Windows XP Pro [still runs like a champ]
  3. Drove 80 miles since yesterday afternoon
  4. Built this a few days ago [just click on the buttons/links - it’s just a mockup]
  5. I require more sleep
  6. … not sure what else.

The Great Dilemma

Oh, and I don’t want to hear “what about PHP?”. Been there, done that… no thanks. It feels too 2000 to me. I don’t want spaghetti anymore.

Also, I basically feel the same way about Linux. I’d like to, just can’t do it.

I keep trying to pull myself away from Microsoft, but always find myself falling back again. Back to my comfort zone.

Damn those Redmond developers!!

AJAX v. Flash RIA

I just realized something, I use and prefer AJAX enabled web applications over those that are Flash based. Thinking about it I believe it’s speed and scrolling that make the difference. Flash apps always feel too heavy and clunky whereas HTML is light and crisp. Gmail (AJAX) vs. Goowy (Flash): even though Goowy offers SO much more than Gmail I can’t get myself to use it. It’s feels slow. Of course it’s also fancier than Gmail too and that comes at a speed cost.

This is nothing profound, just rambling thoughts.

In other news I broke down and bought this book by 37signals. If you’re involved in any web application development or frankly involved in the construction of anything I recommend it. Think less, not more.

Ugh... I Want to Create Something

This feeling is not new.

It bothers me, maybe it’s programmer’s burnout or something. I find myself doing nothing but reading my RSS feeds these days reading about others and their development adventures and doing nothing about mine.

Ideas do lurk in my head — about a half-dozen of them — I have them all listed out in my Backpack account. How ironic.

In other news: it’s like 3 days until I become a married man! WOW. Me, the married guy?? That’s just plain nuts. For a good many years I was the single guy at all the gatherings/parties. Now, the thought of me being one of the married chaps makes me feel like a real grown up.

It should be a good time, most of the crew at Mindscape will be attending as well as a friend from Australia may be stopping by. Lizz has a bunch of friends coming in from out of town/country so that ought to be cool.


Well, I’ve decided to go back to WordPress as my blogging tool. Lots of themes and a solid foundation were some factors in play.

Migration was fairly painless, I just moved a couple posts to my account and imported from there into WordPress. Nice and simple.

Also, Writely works with WordPress too! So, I can write my posts there and publish them to this site (like I am right now).

Say Thanks

Lets Say Thanks

As the son of a Vietnam Veteran I implore you to at least tell them “Thank You”. It’s the least we can do for the fine folks who keep this country free. So, what are you waiting for, go do it.

Computer Thoughts

What to do about a computer… Each has pros and cons:

  • Apple => pros – beautiful UI and machine, UNIX core, no real chance for virus and spyware problems. cons – No development, mouse issues.
  • Linux => pros – free, can be installed on any piece of hardware, no real chance for virus and spyware problems. cons – No development, clunky UI, sometimes buggy, sometimes just a bear to deal with, no real good iPod and music software solution
  • PC => pros – familiar UI, lots of drivers & software available, development. cons – usually the hardware is cheap and not designed well, getting a bit old (boring to use), feels like I need to run spyware and virus monitoring software

So, where does that leave me? I like something about all of the systems—but then I dislike something about all of them too. PCs are generally cheaper to buy, but are also more cheaply built. They offer probably the most flexibility since I can develop whatever I want in them (, php, rails, etc). Apple and Linux are kinda new so they feel more fresh and frankly are more advanced OSs. Linux I can install on virtually anything where Apple has to be on Apple hardware.

Ugh. I want to be able to merge everything together—I hate having three different computers that I use on nearly a daily basis.

Well, I may have my solution: a MacBook running Parallels software. I recently was able to sit in-front of a new MacBook Pro laptop running Windows XP Pro on Parallels — let me tell yea, it was impressive. I hardly noticed a difference when running Windows fullscreen. Cmd+Tab over to all of your Apple apps running, nice. I can’t see why I couldn’t run Ubuntu through this software and finally have my three-in-one machine, with no rebooting even!