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What Now?

Work has been super busy and therefore everything else I have has taken a backseat… MILGEEK, Expanding Ethos, Vagrant Bikes, and this site have all flatlined.

I don’t like that fact. But it is indeed a fact.

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to be putting some thought into each and trying to determine if I want to keep them around. I like them all, but if I’m not going to focus on them I need to move them along.

Vagrant Bikes could just be a simple thing that just sits there and if someone wants a bike, well, I’ll just build them a bike.

This site I could just make into a holder for my other properties and then it’d take zero time.

MILGEEK and Expanding Ethos are the real time suckers… they need content, and probably lots of it. Both concepts I really dig, but just don’t have the time.


What I Did for My Summer Vacation

Since logging out of work on July 3rd at 1pm and starting my vacation I:

  • Ran 13.97 miles
  • Rode 14.75 miles
  • Went fishing with my Dad and caught a 10" bass
  • … and a sunburn
  • … and threw the fish back
  • Toured Fredrick Meijer Gardens (one of my favorite places)
  • … and that trip was the first official vacation trip we did as a family
  • Cut down a tree in our front yard
  • Worked on my side project Mat Finder
  • … for my side business
  • Got up almost every day between 5-6am
  • And best of all, spent lots of time with Reese So, that’s what I did for my week and a few days off…

Wish I could’ve done more!

Manvotional: Want to Change the World? Start by Making Your Bed

Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often, but if you take some risks, step up when the times are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden and never, ever give up if you do these things, then next generation and the generations that follow will live in a world far better than the one we have today and what started here will indeed have changed the world for the better.

Manvotional: Want to Change the World? Start by Making Your Bed

Shallow Men Believe in Luck

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Truest Test of a Warriors Worth

The truest test of a warriors worth isn’t how quickly or often he unsheathes his sword, but what he can accomplish w/out doing so


People Do It Everyday

People do it everyday. They talk to themselves. They see themselves as they’d like to be. They don’t have the courage you have, to just run with it. The things you own end up owning you..It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Life Hacking Not So Good?

Maybe stop trying so hard to find shortcuts to “hack” your life. The best things are hard. Invest in the journey. Just sayin'.

Why You Should Stop Lifehacking and Invest in the Journey by Rick Roll

Since I’m wrapping up reading The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferris right now this blog post by Rick Roll is very timely. I like the ideas held within 4HWW and look to implement some of them in my own life, but I have to say, in my opinion this focus and fascination with “life hacking” is a bit disturbing. It also reminds me of something Mike Rowe said to a “Dirty Jobs” fan recently, check it out, it’s quite profound. I really don’t have anything more to say on the subject, just wanted to share. :)

Manvotional - the Power of Truth

Manvotional: The Power of Truth

Man is usually loyal to what he most desires. The man who lies to save a nickel, merely proclaims that he esteems a nickel more than he does his honor. He who sacrifices his ideals, truth and character, for mere money or position, is weighing his conscience in one pan of a scale against a bag of gold in the other. He is loyal to what he finds the heavier, that which he desires the more the money. But this is not truth. Truth is the heart’s loyalty to abstract right, made manifest in concrete instances.

Exceptionally good read, go there now and soak it in.