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Lots and Lots of Trees

Camping =

  • fun
  • stress free
  • “back to basics”
  • not working
  • relaxing
  • great big sky full of stars
  • something I’d rather be doing

Went camping this past long weekend… do I HAVE to come back to work?

I want to be back out in the woods listening to coyotes howling in the distance.

A Site Is Born

Well, I have this site running on XML/XSL now. This technology is actually pretty cool - from a geek point of view.

Things I have to do yet:

  1. Create a fully functional CMS for the site.
  2. Add some other sections.
  3. Build a bookmark able page to each post.
  4. Add reader comments functionality.
  5. XML Syndication?
  6. Write more posts.

A big thanks goes out to es for re-vitalizing my interest in XML/XSL. And, for the great XSL tips I absorbed from looking at his wondrous XSL file.