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Oh How Funny It Is

Here’s a wonderful read for all of those fed up with AT&T Broadband Cable (bastards) and their price gouging.

In other news: I think I sprained one of my toes tonight in Aikido class, heh, or broke it. I was simply turning around to face the guy who was throwing me and my toe decided to not move with the rest of me. Twisted it up somethin' fierce. It looks like it’s developing a nice bruise right at the joint that connects it to my foot. Ouch.

Bye Bye... It's Been Nice

Well, I just received the “pink slip” on my AT&T Cable Internet Access. Apparently, $45.95 a month isn’t enough for Internet access these days. It needs to be $60.95.

For all of those that use my email account - STOP. Use from now on. I will be canceling my cable Internet account just as soon as I can.

I was thinking of canceling it anyway.


I simply have nothing to say…

I’m sitting here staring at this textbox wondering “So, what am I to write about? Hmm” Let’s see, I watched a couple of episodes of Iron Chef this past weekend on the Food Network. I can’t wait for Battle Turkey this Friday.

Third class of Aikido tonight. Apparently I have a “knack” for it. At least that’s what one of the Uchi-Deshi’s told me. He also said “Boy, it looks like you’ve been thrown around before, your break falls are great!” followed with “But, let me know if I throw you too hard.” Heh, if only he knew.

Well, that’s it for now. Hmm, it appears as if I made a worthy post after all.


I’m taking an indefinite break from kung fu and tai chi. To give myself a little free time, do some soul searching, and to explore other options and possibilities.

This is something that has been weighing heavy in my mind for over a year now. Many (mainly Lizz) have been telling me to “take it easy” and to “relax a little”, and now, albeit late, I am heeding their counsel.

For my Sifu, and those that are not only classmates but also friends, I bid you farewell (for now) and good fortune.

Side note: I’ve finished The Fellowship of the Ring. Nice.

Funny, you can tell it influences the verbiage of my posts. haha

The First of Many, Hopefully

Well, tonight is my first class of Aikido. It’s a one-hour long intro class that lasts 4 weeks. Altogether 4 hours of Aikido, not much, but hopefully enough to determine if I want to continue in the art.

A good friend of mine, that unfortunately I haven’t seen for quite some time, has taken Aikido since 1993. The same year that I started Kung Fu. I’d like to get in touch with him to talk of Aikido and to create a practice schedule. I must call him some upcoming Saturday.

And Then There Was a Change

I’ve decided to do a little re-design of the site. Stripped down. Going basic. Generic.

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Work is getting kind of nuts. And I’m trying to read The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring so that I can read The Two Towers prior to the movie release.

Well, I bought (and tried on) my very first Gi Tuesday. Hm. I never really pictured myself in a Gi. Looked and felt kind of funny. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

The Neglected Weblog and Aikido

For obvious reasons, I scored 0% on this test.

In other news… last night, I watched an Aikido intro class at the Toyoda Center. I briefly talked with Blaine Feyen, Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt), the Toyoda Center’s President and Chief Aikido Instructor, he was a very kind, generous, and strong person. He extends those traits into his precise yet playful teaching style. Next month I will be a student of his, it may be difficult to fit it into my already hectic schedule… but I have to try.

Mmmmm Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. Hands down.

Now sit back and enjoy the color changes.

My New Project

In search of a personal project to work on - unrelated to the World Wide Web - I have (re)started up my R/C Truck design project. Fully designed/developed using Pro/DESKTOP 3D solid modeling software.

Below is a small view into the gear box that’s in development.

It’s still “up for grabs” what style of vehicle I’m going to design. For now it’s a 4x4 monster truck with four wheel steering. But I’m not sure. Right now I’m just focusing on cleaning out the “cob-webs” that are cluttering the mechanical design portion of my brain.

Updates to come.