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Getting Stronger

After several years of, primarily, running and cycling I’ve decided to try getting stronger instead. There are a few reasons for this:

  • I believe in having the strength to save myself or my family.
  • I wanted to find a way to excersise that didn’t tax my heart so much. No matter what I’ve tried I’ve never been able to get myself out of my Peak HR Zone while running or riding. As a person with high BP I felt this was critical to helping me stay healthier for longer in life.
  • I wanted to lose some fat and get a better physique. I’m the type of person who puts on fat around my organs, known as Visceral Fat. This type of fat is actually worse for you and increases your risk of heart attack / disease. Plus, it tends to give me the “bubble belly” look (AKA. “the beer gut”).

So, what am I doing? StrongLifts 5x5, that’s what. It’s a great beginners program that has some heafty roots (ahem … a guy named Arnold) where you start light and gradually put on weight. It focuses on only 5 barbell exercises: Squat, Bench Press, Barbell Row, Overhead Press, and Deadlift. Each day (M/W/F) you do three of the exercises (every day you squat). Nice and simple, I like it.

Started my #stronglifts #5x5 this morning! #beginner #weightlifting #getstrong #slcfac #stronglifts5x5

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I’ve only just begun, but so far I’ve been digging it. The workouts are shorter and my workout HR is much more in-line with where it needs to be (fat burning zone). I can’t wait to see where this takes me and what result this will have on my running and cycling, which I enjoy and will not be giving up.

Check back for updates!