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What Now?

Work has been super busy and therefore everything else I have has taken a backseat… MILGEEK, Expanding Ethos, Vagrant Bikes, and this site have all flatlined.

I don’t like that fact. But it is indeed a fact.

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to be putting some thought into each and trying to determine if I want to keep them around. I like them all, but if I’m not going to focus on them I need to move them along.

Vagrant Bikes could just be a simple thing that just sits there and if someone wants a bike, well, I’ll just build them a bike.

This site I could just make into a holder for my other properties and then it’d take zero time.

MILGEEK and Expanding Ethos are the real time suckers… they need content, and probably lots of it. Both concepts I really dig, but just don’t have the time.