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What I Did for My Summer Vacation

Since logging out of work on July 3rd at 1pm and starting my vacation I:

  • Ran 13.97 miles
  • Rode 14.75 miles
  • Went fishing with my Dad and caught a 10" bass
  • … and a sunburn
  • … and threw the fish back
  • Toured Fredrick Meijer Gardens (one of my favorite places)
  • … and that trip was the first official vacation trip we did as a family
  • Cut down a tree in our front yard
  • Worked on my side project Mat Finder
  • … for my side business
  • Got up almost every day between 5-6am
  • And best of all, spent lots of time with Reese So, that’s what I did for my week and a few days off…

Wish I could’ve done more!