Brian's Notes

Thoughts on Stuff and Junk

The Riding, the Running, the Eating, and the Heat.

So, what have I been up to? Let’s break it down…

The Riding

I’ve been trying to get on the bike at least once a week and put in 25+ miles. Even though I’ve developed an irritating pull in my left leg (hollow of the knee) I’m keeping at it. It’s been really enjoyable getting back on the road and I’m hoping to push past 30 miles soon and then on to 40.

The bike is in need of some maintenance and I need some new bar tape (the right side is duct taped on) but all in all it’s functioning great! On the other hand, I need some new riding shorts and shoes… as in, seriously need some new stuff. My shorts are probably 15 years old, and my shoes are probably over 10 years old. Yikes.

The Running

Along with increasing my riding, I’m putting more effort into my running. I’ve been doing a decent job of getting out there every other day or so and I can tell it’s paying off. Runs aren’t nearly as painful or grueling as they have been, even with my increased mileage. Yesterday I bought a pair of barefoot shoes to try to take some pressure off my joints and get into a better running posture. I’m easing into them, and this morning I only put in a mile, but boy my calves ache! Something is happening! More on this change in another post.

The Eating

The Latest in Paleo podcast has been in my usual rotation for some time now, but finally we’re starting to actually change over to that diet. We’re still getting started and learning, so I’m sure we’re making mistakes… But I know one thing, we’re eating better. Along with the diet change we’ve cut down our going-out dinners to only one a week. And that one has to be somewhat healthy and worth it. The thing that’s wild about paleo is that bread is bad, but bacon is good… How can that diet be wrong?! :)

The Heat

Here in Michigan we’ve been having day after day of record breaking temperatures. With almost zero rain in over a month and 3 or 4 consecutive 100+ degree days it’s been hard to do anything but sit inside in the AC. I’ve been trying to still get out there but it’s proven difficult with daily severe heat warnings. I did 25 miles on the bike the morning of July 4th but have been suffering a headache since… and I drank nearly all of my Camelbak bladder’s (100cc) water! As I type this it’s 98 out and climbing… glad I did my run this morning when it was only in the mid to high 80s :)

What about The Shooting? Well, we just haven’t had time to get to the range, and with this heat we’ve been just hanging tight. That being said I’m eyeing some tactical shooting classes coming up and possibly getting my CPL!