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Budo Lifestyle

Budo: the martial way, the warrior’s way.

  • Budo is not being afraid of action.
  • Budo is looking into the face of fear.
  • Budo is protecting yourself and others.
  • Budo is honor.
  • Budo evolves.
  • Budo… is a lifestyle.

My path didn’t lead me into the military or law enforcement. I didn’t become some high-speed Navy SEAL or an elite SWAT operator. That’s not to say I couldn’t, just that at the time those choices would’ve been made, I was focused on other things and other careers.

However, my path did lead me into martial arts. Even though as a kid I spent equal time playing commando as I did “learning” karate off a VHS tape, it was the latter I chose to focus on and study. Now nearly 20 years since my first official martial arts class I’m still happy with my selection.

Although, there are days (I’m now twice the age) where I wish I would’ve selected the military or law enforcement as my path. Sometimes I think that my life would feel more rewarding or fulfilling if I had… but, that choice has long since passed and there’s no going back. So, I focus on what I’ve accomplished thus far and move forward on my budo path.

I’ve studied and practiced kung fu, chi kung, tai chi, aikido, and kenjutsu. That encompasses broad swords, straight swords, 6 ft. & 4 ft. staffs, spears, Japanese swords and knives. Also, hand strikes (various types), kicks, knees, elbow strikes, head butting, grabs, locks, chokes, sweeps and throws. And now I’m moving into guns, starting with pistols.

I’d say that’s a decent start on my budo path, what have you done to live the Budo Lifestyle?