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Shift to a Non-rant Post

I have a pet project that I’m working on… it’s interesting, something I could actually use, and I think there may be a place for it out in the wild interwebs.

But, it’s all about motivation. Something I have at the start of a personal project but slowly dies down. Building business web apps all day can do that to a programmer. It kinda drains you of creativity.

Then one day (today) I start looking through some of my old links and I happen upon this guy’s studio site, which in turn leads to his project site.

Nice stuff. And stuff that should look familiar to those that have been in web design for a few years.

It’s all generative work, built by programming code. Ugh. Now that’s cool… far better than some “run-of-the-mill” Web 2.0 app! Something tells me I need to play with this kind of work. I’ve been looking for some use to programming other than database driven web sites/apps.

I have a copy of Flash on this machine - maybe I can make a go of it… maybe, sometime when I’m not tired and have the modivation. :)