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Excuse Me?

Apparently, kids around the country are being asked to choose a major.

Am I missing something? When I was starting high school I barely knew my strong points, abilities or anything for that matter. All I knew was that I had to study and take my required classes. Oh, and that there were girls n stuff…

Eventually I found myself in the more technical side of things: math, drafting, machine tools, etc. Which led me to a career in (and college relating to) “tool & die”, which in-turn led to Computer-Aided-Drafting (CAD) and engineering, which furthermore led to computers in general, and lastly web software.

Point being, it all changes, I know people with degrees in Mathematics who are photographers, and people with degrees in Fine Art who are “Information Architects”. People change careers like crazy. Asking a high school freshmen/sophomore to choose a path is ridiculous.

Soon we’ll be getting branded and having career chips implanted (that’s a Futurama reference for those in-the-know). No thanks! What kids need are well rounded educations so they can grow and be effective in everything they do. I can’t stand this modern career driven education system. What we need is more Classical Education.