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Ugh... I Want to Create Something

This feeling is not new.

It bothers me, maybe it’s programmer’s burnout or something. I find myself doing nothing but reading my RSS feeds these days reading about others and their development adventures and doing nothing about mine.

Ideas do lurk in my head — about a half-dozen of them — I have them all listed out in my Backpack account. How ironic.

In other news: it’s like 3 days until I become a married man! WOW. Me, the married guy?? That’s just plain nuts. For a good many years I was the single guy at all the gatherings/parties. Now, the thought of me being one of the married chaps makes me feel like a real grown up.

It should be a good time, most of the crew at Mindscape will be attending as well as a friend from Australia may be stopping by. Lizz has a bunch of friends coming in from out of town/country so that ought to be cool.