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Computer Thoughts

What to do about a computer… Each has pros and cons:

  • Apple => pros – beautiful UI and machine, UNIX core, no real chance for virus and spyware problems. cons – No development, mouse issues.
  • Linux => pros – free, can be installed on any piece of hardware, no real chance for virus and spyware problems. cons – No development, clunky UI, sometimes buggy, sometimes just a bear to deal with, no real good iPod and music software solution
  • PC => pros – familiar UI, lots of drivers & software available, development. cons – usually the hardware is cheap and not designed well, getting a bit old (boring to use), feels like I need to run spyware and virus monitoring software

So, where does that leave me? I like something about all of the systems—but then I dislike something about all of them too. PCs are generally cheaper to buy, but are also more cheaply built. They offer probably the most flexibility since I can develop whatever I want in them (, php, rails, etc). Apple and Linux are kinda new so they feel more fresh and frankly are more advanced OSs. Linux I can install on virtually anything where Apple has to be on Apple hardware.

Ugh. I want to be able to merge everything together—I hate having three different computers that I use on nearly a daily basis.

Well, I may have my solution: a MacBook running Parallels software. I recently was able to sit in-front of a new MacBook Pro laptop running Windows XP Pro on Parallels — let me tell yea, it was impressive. I hardly noticed a difference when running Windows fullscreen. Cmd+Tab over to all of your Apple apps running, nice. I can’t see why I couldn’t run Ubuntu through this software and finally have my three-in-one machine, with no rebooting even!