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Windows Live Mail Beta

I never use my Hotmail account but I opted into the beta test of their new Live Mail system.

Is it just me or:

  • Why does the largest software company in the world need to place banner ads on thier webmail app? Isn’t that suppose to pay for the hosting service/space? I’m sure Microsoft can pick up the tab. Ok, fine, they don’t need to pay for my email service, but two banners? Yahoo! Mail doesn’t even do that.
  • Why is there an ad promoting the very service/site I’m using? Huh?
  • Banners just suck. They are distracting and just take up way too much browser real estate. This screenshot was on a monitor running 1280×1024, imagine what this looks like on 800×600. Is there email in there?

Ugh, Gmail just kicks Hotmail’s butt. The thing is I really like this UI —it’s just been screwed by banner ads.