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Nice Sunny Day

For some interesting (geek) reading take a look through Mozilla’s UI design specs.

More geek info: I have RedHat Linux nearly set-up on my Dell laptop, all that’s left now is figuring out how to hack the sound module so I can hear stuff. Last night it was VNC'ing into one of my other computers on my home network, my ICS (Internet Sharing Connection) server, so I can connect and disconnect my ridiculously slow dial-up connection from within Linux. Come to think of it, setting up VNC was more on the ICS server side rather than on the Linux side. Oh well, I’m using it from Linux and it’s a geek thing to do… so whateva. I also set up aterm as my terminal emulator of choice last night. Bring on the transparent backgrounds!

Looks nice out… I think I’ll be riding tonight.