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Icy Icy Trees

Well, the storm a few days ago made a mess of my backyard. Large tree branches (8 in. Diameter) lying around in piles.

So, I bought a chainsaw (a wimpy electric one, but a chainsaw nonetheless) and started work on it yesterday. Spent an hour and a half putting a “dent” in it. Ugh.

Others on my street and nearby weren’t as “fortunate” as I was. 44th street East of Division is decimated. Whole trees down, whole trees lying on people’s homes. Not good. My own street (a dead-end road) was blocked off by downed lines for most of Saturday.

Well with weather like this, I guess I have to put riding on “pause” for now. Ugh, again.

In lighter news picked up a pair of these for my road bike… mmm. Now, if the weather would remember it’s spring.